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072011I’m J.J., owner & administrator of Charmed Reflections. I am a psychology graduate from the University of Southern Miss, mother of 3 wonderful children and lover of beauty. My passion may be in psychology but I find my peace in nature and all of its wonders.

First and foremost, I consider myself to be genuine. I value integrity above all else and I believe that anything worth doing is worth doing well. That being said, I still tend to be easy-going and open-minded. I love to travel when I can and thoroughly enjoy sharing new experiences with the people that I love.

For as long as I can remember, I have had a profound love of reading. It’s not such a stretch of the imagination then to realize that my love for writing would soon follow. As I’ve gotten older, I also developed a need to help others. It is the combination of these three loves that has brought me here today and it is through this blog that I hope to touch the lives of others. teal swirl


Hi! I’m Amber, I am the owner and administrator of Wild Heart Reviews. After some collaboration, I have agreed to contribute to the Health & Fitness pages here at Charmed Reflections. I am currently working toward a degree in Allied Health with a focus on nutrition at Carl Albert State College. Eventually my goal is to work with children who have diabetes.

Fitness training is my second love. If I’m not curled up with a book, or blogging, you’ll find me working out. To quell my thirst for fitness knowledge, I’m always on the lookout for new things to try, whether it be a new fitness routine or a new recipe for the kitchen.  It’s only natural that you’ll find those among my posts, as well as my own personal fitness journal where I’ll share my trials (and my triumphs) with you all.

It is imperitive that I remind you, however, that I do not present myself as an authority on mental or physical health disorders. If you believe you may be experiencing a serious mental or physical problem, please seek out the services of a licensed medical professional. It is my goal to simply provide you with the tools necessary to increase your own sense of self-worth and well-being, sharing my own experiences along the way.

teal swirl

24303_566607046690250_1572893400_nI’m Joe, aliased in the video game world as Jorabyte, and owner of Jorabyte Innovations, LLC. I’m an innovator at heart, always up for creating something ever since playing with Legos & Construx as a kid. Today the block-building games have gone digital and virtual thanks to Minecraft, and I still love to play on my modded server with my family and friends.

If you haven’t already guessed, I’m a “techie”, a proud member of the class of nerds and in particular a cleric in the programming priesthood. I’m a certified PC and network technician and have 12 years’ professional experience as a database designer and data manager (16 in the IT industry).

My contributions to Charmed Reflections will likely be of a less technological nature, however. For over 10 years I’ve been a practitioner of T’ai Chi, the ancient Chinese system of moving meditation and internal martial art.  My T’ai Chi master was taught by Master Waysun Liao in a very old temple style passed down via oral tradition by wandering Taoist monks. T’ai Chi has many reported physical and mental benefits, but foremost in my reasons for learning and practicing it are longevity and the healing effects of circulating chi, or life energy, through the body.

Along with my T’ai Chi practice, I’ve eaten a plant-based diet for the past 6 years, and I’m on an ever-learning journey seeking heightened health, energy, and happiness. You can count on me to gleefully pass on any tidbits I can, as long as your interest is present. Peace and light!

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