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Crystal Spotlight: Amethyst



Amethyst Cluster

Chemistry  SiO2
 Hardness  7
 Color  Violet/Purple
 Prevalence  Common
 Distribution Worldwide
 Chakra Third Eye (primary),Crown
 Zodiac  Capricorn/Aquarius, Pisces, Virgo
Birthstone February
** Note – Amethyst crystals are photosensitive. To prevent fading, avoid sunlight. **


St Edward's Crown
The etymology of the amethyst is believed to stem from the Greek myth of Amethystos, a maiden known for evading the pursuit of Dionysus, the god of wine. Upon realizing that Dionysus had set his sights on her and wishing to remain chaste, Amethystos prayed to the gods for aid. Artemis, seeing her plight, transformed Amethystos into a “white stone” (Quartz). Said to be humbled by the lengths Amethystos had taken to maintain her chastity, Dionysus poured wine over her crystalline statue, permanently altering the crystal’s color to what is now recognized as the amethyst.

Given its roots in Greek mythology, it is understandable why it would be largely believed that the amethyst was discovered in Greece over 5,000 years ago. Some still dispute this claim, however, maintaining that the discovery of the amethyst dates back even further to that of Ancient Egypt, primarily due to the presence of amethyst in many ancient Egyptian burialBishop's Ring sites.

While the origins of the amethyst may never be known, it is quite certain that the purple amethyst has had an entailed history with monarchs and ecclesiastics alike. From Britain’s Crowned Jewels to the Roman Catholic clergy, the amethyst has been a symbol of power and virtue throughout the ages.

teal swirl

Metaphysical Attributes

The amethyst has long been regarded as a powerful healing and protective stone. The Greeks used it ward off drunkenness, the Egyptians used it for spiritual protection as they crossed into the afterlife, European soldiers used it for protection and healing on the battlefields, and the Roman Catholics have used it as a symbol for piety and virtue among their clergy.

Amethyst crystals are believed to be one of the five Master healing stones and are part of the Quartz family. They have been used to guard against all types of injury, both internal and external, including afflictions caused by psychic attack, geopathic and electromagnetic stress. As such, they have been used as an alternative method for treating: addiction, headaches, indecisiveness, emotional distresses such as fear, anger and grief, skin disorders, stress, as well as some sleep disorders.


Acne General Wellbeing Minor Burns
Addiction Headaches Overindulgence
Antiviral Hearing Disorders Pain Relief
Builds Immune System Hormone Imbalances Parasites
Bruising Improves Memory Pituitary Disorders
Digestion Inflammation Psoriasis
Earaches Insomnia Respiratory Disease
Eczema Malignancies Skin Irritations
Endocrine Disorders Metabolic Imbalances Wrinkles


Anger Grief Night Terrors
Anxiety Increases Positivity Pain Relief
Coping Love Reduces Stress
Decisiveness Mental Clarity Stability
Depression Motivation Serenity
Fear Nightmares Tranquility


Astral Projection Intuition Spiritual Protection
Consciousness Introspection Telekinesis
Dream Recollection Love Visualization
Harmony Meditation Wisdom
Increased Vibration Psychic Medium


Disclaimer:  The metaphysical attributes listed here are not to intended to be taken in lieu of the advice of a licensed medical practitioner.  If you believe you are experiencing a serious mental or physical problem, please seek out the services of a licensed medical professional. 

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