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There’s No Better Time to Get Acquainted With the Bel Homme Quartet!

Cindy Irish

Meet the Guys: 

After searching the globe for over a year, ex-championship boxer turned entertainment mogul, Teddy Wilson has finally found four handsome singers talented (and beautiful) enough to sing opera, but who will perform in the pop style instead. It wasn’t easy, but they were well worth the wait, and the international singing group, Bel Homme, has been born.

Bel Homme promo
“From Italy to France. From England to the U.S.A.”

French celebrity, Gabriel Grenier has led a charmed life. He’s been in the spotlight from the time he was a child and has done remarkably well for himself in both the acting and singing arenas.  Gabriel, however, is the only member of Bel Homme with a background in pop music.

Despite growing up next door to Stonehenge, British member, Jamie Stratton, is the practical one of the group. A lyric tenor with the voice of an angel, Jamie’s already taken the London stage by storm. A genius when it comes to making money, he’s always looking for his next big break.

Having been introduced to operatic technique as child, Pisa native, Nico Biviano has literally trained for this his entire life.  The combination of his pitch-perfect baritone, phenomenal vocal control and beautiful features are sure to have women melting across the globe!

Last, but certainly not least, there’s Michael O’Malley Jr. from the good ole U.S. of A. Mikey’s done it all… well, almost all. Despite his international experience (both on and off Broadway), Michael’s never attempted the pop scene. Thanks to Teddy, that’s about to change.

“The saga of Bel Homme begins for four talented men and the four American women with whom they fall in love.”  ~ Author, Cindy Irish

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 About the Author:

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Cindy Irish writes Contemporary, Paranormal, and Speculative romance fiction. She’s a member of The Authors Guild, Romance Writers of America, as well as the Mid-Michigan and Greater Detroit RWA chapters.

Cindy lives in Michigan with her family.


Connect with Cindy: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Amazon | Goodreads


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