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ARC Review: No Evil by Maynard Sims

No EvilNo Evil**
Author: Maynard Sims
Series: Jack Callum, #1
Genre: Crime, Thriller
Release Date: Feb 29, 2016
Publisher: Joffee Books
ISBN: 9781911021230

Target Audience: 18+/ Parental Guidance Suggested

 My Rating:  Gold_starsGold_starsGold_starsGold_starsGray_stars

Characters: DCI Jack Callum, Annie Callum, Eric Callum, Joanie Callum, Frances Anderton, Fiona Anderton, Derek Webster, David “Davy” Neville, Peter Lamb, Sgt. Eddie Fuller, DC Harry Grant, Sgt. Frank Lesser, DC Trevor Walsh, WPC Myra Banks, PC Alistair Kirby, Sandra Duncan, Gavin Southland, Tim Fellowes, Adam Channing, CS Henry Lane, Simon Nelson, DCS Brian Fisher.

Synopsis: When a girl’s body is found with her eyes and mouth sewn shut and paraffin wax in her ears, DCI Jack Callum and his team are called in to investigate the gruesome murder that shattered the peace of a sleepy 1950s English town.

See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak no evil.

After the killer sends a taunting message and more victims have come to light, Scotland Yard takes over the investigation, discounting Callum’s theories on the case and alienating him in the process. Not one to be easily dissuaded, DCI Jack Callum continues to investigate only to find that this time the killer has struck close to home.  In a breathtaking finale, Callum must race against time, and break his own rules, if he is going to save the killer’s latest victim before it’s too late.


Be prepared to take a step back to the simpler times of 1958 in the sleepy town of Hertfordshire, England, as Len Maynard & Mick Sims (collectively known as Maynard Sims) weave a grisly tail of serial murder and introduce an array of characters that range from artful and witty to downright disconcerting.  As well-written as it is, I could not help but to feel as though the authors seemed to have fallen short on fulfilling their promise of providing the audience with “a fast-paced detective mystery. Indubitably fast-paced, there is unfortunately very little “mystery” involved in who the culprit(s) are in this story. In point of fact, that is the only potential flaw that I can find in this particular piece. It was otherwise very well put together and a really quick read. Kuddos, gentlemen!

** This book was provided as an ARC in exchange for honest review.**

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